WOON-TECH announces the launch of SWOON
our Digital Ceramic In-Glass Printing Division
powered by Dip-Tech printers.
What exactly is Dip-Tech printing? A revolutionary new process combining art with functionality
that allows glass to be printed with precision and color like never before. Digital Ceramic In-Glass
Prints can be found inside and on the exterior of some of the most iconic structures around the
WOON-TECH is one of the small list of elite facilities able to offer this innovative technological
glass advancement!

Architects, Interior Designers & Artists
now use GLASS in design more than ever.
Where is SWOON Technology Showing off?

Swoon Kitchens

A kitchen backsplash designed with one piece of glass and digitally printed in realistic
Carrera Marble is one of the infinite applications SWOON brings to the center of a home.


Play with color, pattern & opacity on shower doors and bathroom walls with SWOON printing.

Swoon Interiors

Interior Design & Architectural elements are elevated to an art form by using SWOON in unexpected ways.

Swoon Signage

Fade resistant and impervious to changes of color make SWOON printing a new choice for Exteriors & Commercial Signage.

The Grid Shower

The shower on everyone’s covet list… Printed grid lines look like metal, feel like silk. (or glass!) Sratch resistant, fade resistant, antimicrobial. No actual metal grids to clean, no place for residue to hide. The ease of wiping down a single piece of glass? YES, please!


The Magic of SWOON Digital Ceramic In-Glass Printing You’ll be redesigning your bathroom soon.

The Grid Shower
Shower Grid
Shower Grid



Learn more about the amazing world of Dip-Tech Printing.
Here are our most popular patterns and SWOON designs…
Any pattern can be customized in any color and hue. Let your imagination soar!

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