"The Grid Shower"

Kohler Signature Showroom - Boston, MA

A linear grid, this experience steam shower is set off by a middle placement transom that swings both ways to let out steam. Classic Black “metal” printwork is complemented with Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware.

You may know it as a “Telephone Booth” Shower. Some design circles call it a more techie name “Mullioned Shower.” The design is graphic, simple, elegant and timeless; its vintage, industrial appeal is sublime.

In some traditional applications, metal intersections connect individual panes of glass, while other designs are engineerd by applying metal braces over sheets of glass to create a stunning visual. Either way you slice it, we all want one of these showers. We COVET these showers.


BUT…how do you clean this beauty?

Wait -  it’s hard to clean? Soap and residue gets caught in the grid lines? Bacteria can form in the crevices?

Our shower dream bubble has burst. It WAS too good to be true. We now need a cold shower to wake us back to reality. A regular old, clear glass shower. Nice..but nowhere near as sexy as that mullioned one.

Whoa…what’s that? Come again? There IS a telephone booth shower that’s easy to clean? Its beauty rivaled only by its functionality? It’s real? We can have it all? HOW?

Private Residence

This multi-faceted shower showcases the intricacy and geometric beauty of The Grid Shower. Challenging spaces are no issue when you can custom design the grid!


Introducing “The Grid Shower” by SWOON. Digital Printing IN GLASS.

Unlike previous methods of printing on glass, this technology uses ceramic fritted inks that fuse and become one with the glass during the tempering process. The result? Scratch resistant, fade resistant, antimacrobial works of art. Just when it seems there’s nothing new out there, there is.

Powered by Dip-Tech printers, this technology is actually not ‘brand new’…it’s been the best kept secret in the high end architectural community for 10 years now. However, WOON-TECH and its Digital Printing Division SWOON have brought ‘The Grid Shower’, as well as a host of modern bath and kitchen design products to market, now accessible to every homeowner!


Woon-Tech Showroom - Whitinsville, MA

This classic cormer shower speaks to the true nature of the “telephone booth” style. Warm Oil Rubbed Bronze metal printing is multi-dimensional thanks to a textured ‘stippling” effect. You would have to touch this to realize that it’s not actually metal! (side note: the marble herringbone “tile” is actually digitally printed glass, too! No more grout lines to scrub!)

A smart shower…dare we say BRAINS & BEAUTY? Your friends will be very impressed. Yes, they will copy you. But have faith…with variations in grid lines thickness, placement, and layout of grid based off of glass size - not to mention 3 distinctly different metal tones to choose from,  every Grid Shower can be a unique work of art. Add a transom, create a steam shower!

And - there are no minimums in SWOON Digital Printing, unlike old glass screen printing menthods. It costs no more to print just one custom piece. So… be kind, let your friends have one, too. It won’t be the same as yours, and how much fun to see what they create! Heck, start a shower party trend! Cocktail, anyone?

So, there it is. We want you to have it. In fact, we just got out of ours.

Life is short…love your shower.