The Stairway to Heaven

 Tucked in a nice, unassuming office building in Cambridge, Massachusetts you’ll find a glass structure that the inhabitants playfully refer to as “The Stairway to Heaven.”


Oh - you work here? Heaven? That’s a bit of a stretch. Even if you looove your job, you have a karmic connection with your boss, and the intern is an angel. People are wearing white (because it’s summer, by the way.) Let’s not get carried away.


But - ascending to work has become, well - a transcendent experience for this crew. This staircase has a soul. People practically meditate while climbing it, and most certainly shed the day’s energetic sludge while descending it. One can inhale, exhale and feel one with it. Sit down for a few minutes and practice gratitude on it. Why can’t every office building have a staircase that heals?


Even the most skeptical of us can agree that  “The Stairway to Heaven” is Glass Fabrication elevated to an art form. It takes razor sharp precision to get every angle correct. Let’s take a look at the cold, hard glass facts:


  • Shape cut radius on both the inner and outer edges
  • Vertical risers polished to fit perfectly between each stair tread
  • 21° back mitre
  • Quadruple glass lamination on stairs
  • ANSI certified Anti-slip glass by Walker Textures
  • Low Iron ‘Colorless” Glass


The polishing work on this job alone puts its craftspeople ahead of the rest of us in line at the real Pearly Gates. (For those of you not well versed in Glass Fabrication - this polishing is done by hand.)


There’s many steps (no pun intended) in creating a staircase in a commercial building of such harmony and beauty. The owner of the building had a vision, the architect lent their talent and then the glazier measured, designed and installed to perfection.


We find ourselves at WOON-TECH practicing gratitude for the skilled hands in our own factory that fabricated each and every piece .. true zen masters all.


Ommmmm. Namaste. Now get back to work.


Installed to perfection by Melrose Glass; Melrose, MA