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Top 10


Our all Glass Fabrication Facility is over 33,000 square feet, and houses top of the line manufacturing equipment from around the globe. Allthough you will find our home in Whitinsville, Massachusetts, we are only 15 miles from our original Woonsocket, Rhode Island home…and we remain true “Woonies” at heart


Our 2 MAPPI Tempering Furnaces push the old limits for sheet size, and we now temper single sheets up to 86”x144”!


We love our 2 FORVET High Speed Drilling and Milling Machines - which perform precision notching in record time! (Yes - experts cannot believe their eyes!)


We don’t like to boast - but our 14 Spindle Edging & Mitering Machine produces an almost unbelievable luster.


Our Cutting Tables make it look too easy (it’s really not…) while our Computerized Racking & Storage System is seriously slick.


We promise you’ll be blown away by our Digital Printing division SWOON - Powered by Dip-Tech. As one of the few facilities in the US to offer this innovation, let us educate you on how Digital Ceramic In-Glass Printing challenges the old rules of glass as art.


We truly care about our environment. Our VITROSEP Closed-Loop Water Filtration System allows us to re-use the majority of our water on a daily basis.


We have a truly amazing Water Jet. By means of importing electronic drawing files, we can cut  virtually any shape or hole size and notch any shape in a precise, economical way. We also mill, edge and polish any shape and edge any profile - even interior notches! Think a job is too hard to cut? Let us decide!


Our LAMMIFlex 240 Lamination Machine is so impressive, we renamed her WAMMI. We’d love to educate you on how Laminated Glass brings structure, art & safety to so many applications. Note - we Post Polish our lamination for a true high quality edge asthetic.


What began in 1946 as a family run glass retail business has grown into a major player in the world of Glass Fabrication in the United States. We are American men and women running a true American Factory, proud to build products that enhance the fabric of our everyday lives. Look around, what do you see made of glass today? We believe that the possibilites are endless.